Indoor and Outdoor Mobility Scooters

Indoor and Outdoor Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooter for outdoor and indoor activities of course has large size compare to portable mobility scooters. In terms of prolonged sitting this kind of mobility scooters offers greater comfort, as well they suites riding on terrains and roads. Other characteristics that differ them from portable versions are faster speed, few additional features and accessories and more power.

Configuration of the Wheels

Modern kinds of such mobility scooters for indoors and outdoors could have usual four or three wheels. Surely four wheels give the user better feeling of stability while using outdoors but for indoor use this kind of modern mobility scooter isn't that great due to its size and big turning radius.

Scooters Batteries

Most of scooters models suggest two wired batteries of 12 volt thus total voltage could be 24 volt to use them for engine and electronics. Manufacturers may suggest the customers few options for the batteries selection. Belonging to class of so called deep-cycle scooters batteries would provide low level of amperage for longer periods of time.

Scooters Tires

Conventionally, scooters tires have diameter of ten inches and width of three inches; filling could be foam or air; the latter could provide greater ride and cost of replacing but person using them must inflate them properly.

This kind of scooters possess flat tread pattern containing floor contacts regarding rear tires, from tire is rounded more with less contacts providing easier tiller's turning.

Controlling Tiller

Tiller is a specific controlling panel with lever pushing which is releasing brakes and sending power to engine; releasing lever leads to stopping the scooter due to automatic re-engaging of brakes. Place for the keys or switch is also located on the tiller which is adjustable for the person's needs. Other additional accessories could be mirrors and light which placed on the tiller as well.

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